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Slug Percussion


Slug Percussion Products

Since 1995, Slug has created drum accessories that have set a new standard for design and quality. Slug Your Drums for the ultimate in Percussive High Performance.


The Tweek is always where you need it! Clips on 1" tubular hardware. Works with all standard .218" tension rods. Easy to hold and use for fast/ convenient tuning. Made of Super tough glass filled Nylon. Highly recommended for preserving vintage hardware from damage caused by metal drum keys. (Available in Silver, Black or Green)

Made of Super-Tough glass filled Nylon


Price: $3.95

1.5" diameter, 5/8" thickness felt cymbal washers, protect your cymbals from hardware and wing-nut damage. Use with any cymbal stand. Six felt washers per package.

Price: $3.99

100% Natural Wool muffle strips (1/16" thick) for Bass and Floor Toms. Finest quality for superior sound, lasting durability, gives drums a nice big, full, thuddy drum sound - Works wonders to reduce overtones and ring.

 3" x 29"

Price: $11.95

The Muffelt is the real deal!

2" x 22"

Price: $9.25


The Power Head's patented tapered shaft design is a drumming first! All shafts start from aerospace grade Titanium Stainless Steel, rod stock tapered down to put more weight toward the top of the shaft. Balance tapering improves foot feel and speed, delivering tremendous power due to increased shaft mass, limited flex, and end weighted balance. The tapered shafts are the strongest on the market and bend proof, unlike other brands that are only "bend-resistant".


Price $31.95


Price $49.95


Price $31.95


Price $35.95


The first and only patented Vented Impact Pads (V.I.P.) for drumheads made in a variety of sound enhancing shapes and graphic designs. Special drummer designed models for bass, toms and snare drums protect drumheads while improving sonic performance without muffling.

The only 6-arm Vented Impact Pad for single foot pedal beater. Patented design protects drumhead and improves strike articulation. Flexing arms with venting increases sound projection without muffling.

Available in red and silver.


Price - $10.95


The only Vented Impact Pad with multi arms and flexing halves for double foot pedal beaters. Patented design improves strike articulation and increases sound projection without muffling. Separated center and venting of Badge gives beaters more punch and attack.

Price - $12.95



(Tom Badges available in Blue Baron, Flame, Red Target, Glo-in-dark White, Rose)


Price - $9.25


The original Vented Impact Pad (V.I.P.) for snare drums. Patented design improves strike articulation, increases sound projection, and gates unwanted ring and overtones without muffling. Large 4 inch central strike zone with 5-Arm design facilitates rudiment playing patterns. Made of very thin clear .007" polycarbonate film, ideal for maximum snare drum response with best possible protection. Use on 13" or larger diameter drums.


Price - $9.25




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